Jenny and Jeff, lovers working at a local TV station devise a plan to make sure the station’s lottery balls fall in their favor.

Balls Up

Comedy | 1997


Albert Schultz, Torri Higginson, Brent Carver, Deanne Judson, Richard Nielsen


Jenny and Jeff are lovers working at a local TV station. While Jenny’s position as a script assistant is full-time, Geoff is the temporary director of the station’s lottery. An optimist, Jenny quickly identifies the potential benefits and promptly devises a plan to make sure the balls fall in their favor. Fate appears to be on their side when the painfully honest accountant dies, and a less attentive replacement arrives. Difficulties arise when knowledge of their plan spreads, a local loan shark tries to muscle his way in on the action, and a revolving door of love interests further complicate the situation. Disaster seems imminent until Jenny saves the day, but in doing so, she reveals an even more bizarre angle to the story.


Deanne Judson, Richard Nielsen, Allan Levine


Alan Erlich