Peter reunites with Shelly only to find the once beautiful girl of his dreams transformed into a living nightmare. Shelly has been experimenting to revive the undead and has finally succeeded.


Horror | 2013


Jeff Monahan, Joanna Lowe


Peter was Shelly’s professor in medical school. They became friends. Then lovers. But when she started experiments to revive the dead, their relationship ended. Now, years later, Shelly wants to see Peter again. Still in love with her, he goes to her old warehouse laboratory, only to find the once-beautiful girl of his dreams transformed into a living nightmare. She’s in a wheelchair, swathed in bandages, her flesh rotted…and seemingly quite insane. She tells him that she finally succeeded in creating life from the dead by grafting together two men and one woman. And that she and the creature, Thomas, became lovers. Peter doesn’t believe her—especially when Shelly tells him that Thomas has a very special secret…


Jeff Monahan, Alfred Sapse


Jeff Monahan