The military’s attempt to shoot down an orbiting satellite unleashes a space-borne epidemic on a remote, small town.

Germ Z

Horror | 2013


Michael Flores, Marguerite Mitchell, Mark Chiappone


A military satellite in a decaying orbit circles the earth as soldiers, led by Cooper, target it for destruction. But the unexpected occurs; a meteor rockets through the solar system and strikes the satellite, knocking it Earthward. The meteor plays host to an alien life form, that is now headed for Earth with the wreckage of the satellite, falling towards a remote, small town known as Preacher’s Mill.

With no real understanding of the germ or resources with which to eradicate it, Max, the local deputy, Brooke, his girlfriend, Cooper and others must battle their way through an army of infected townsfolk and soldiers as they struggle to save themselves and their loved ones from a horrible, early death. When cannibalism is contagious, will even the strongest love survive?


J.T. Boone, Lynette Dixon, Shep Boone, Dan Campis, John Craddock


J.T. Boone, John Craddock

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