When a riot breaks out in Milwaukee, a medical transport driver is torn between his promise to get a group of elderly Russians to a funeral and his desire to help a young black woman with ALS.

Give Me Liberty

Comedy | Drama | 2019


Chris Galust, Lauren Spencer


A day and night in the life of VIC (25), a well-meaning, but hapless Russian-American medical transport driver in Milwaukee… Down on his luck and uncertain about his future, Vic lives with GRANDPA (87) in a subsidized apartment building. Vic’s relationships with his disabled CLIENTS sustain him… Today, there are protests that have disrupted transportation across the city. Grandpa and a group of 12 Elderly Russians are going to a funeral, but their ride never comes. Already late for work, Vic reluctantly squeezes the Russians onto the van with his Clients, and races across town to pick up TRACY (26), a young black woman with ALS, who is a counselor for people with disabilities. The Elderly Russians are furious with Vic – scared of this part of town, they’re convinced the black people will shoot them. And Tracy’s upset with Vic – he’s made her late for work. When she finds out that Vic is stopping at the cemetery before dropping her off, Tracy reports him for using the van for personal reasons. Upset, Vic speeds and gets in an accident. When the black Driver of the damaged vehicle threatens Vic, it’s Tracy who defends him. Awed by her fearlessness, Vic sees Tracy in a new light: he’s determined to redeem himself in her eyes, but… Vic still has to get Grandpa and the Elderly Russians to the cemetery. Vic must bring Tracy along… At the cemetery, Tracy’s wheelchair breaks. Mortified, Vic feels guilty. Just when his day can’t get worse, Vic is fired from his job… He talks his boss into letting him drive on probation… But determined to win Tracy’s heart, Vic immediately uses the van to borrow a wheelchair for Tracy. Vic’s joy is short-lived – when Tracy’s brother is arrested for protesting, Vic volunteers to help…


Alice Austen


Kirill Mikhanovsky

Winner, Best Feature Jerusalem Film Festival, 2019
Official Selection, Sundance Film Festival 2019