A translator with the Paris police (Isabelle Huppert) finds herself in possession of a huge store of hash, the insider knowledge required to move it, and an unexpected flair for the danger that ensues.

Mama Weed

Comedy | Drama | 2021


Isabelle Huppert, Hippolyte Girardot


A French-Arabic translator for the Paris police anti-narcotics unit, Patience Portefeux (IsabelleHuppert) interprets the daily calls and conversations between the city’s biggest drug dealers. In theevenings, she looks in on her aging mother at the long-term care facility where she is months behindin paying the bills. When she overhears the son of one of her mother’s nurses on the wiretap at work,Patience is moved to protect him. But her involvement in his business quickly escalates and she findsherself in possession of a huge store of hash and the insider knowledge required to move it. With hernewly adopted retired police dog at her side, Patience transforms into Mama Weed, a savvysaleswoman capitalizing on her field experience to earn the extra income she so desperately needswhile doing her best to stay one step ahead of her colleagues at the precinct.

Based on “The Godmother,” the acclaimed novel by Hannelore Cayre, and nominated for a BestAdapted Screenplay César Award, MAMA WEED is a clever French crime caper featuring animpeccably charming performance from the legendary Isabelle Huppert.


Jean-Baptiste Dupont, Kristina Larsen


Jean-Paul Salomé