A comedic documentary about a stage show where adults share their embarrassing teenage writings… in front of total strangers. In the history of teen angst cinema, no film has ever captured the adolescent experience quite like this.

Mortified Nation

Comedy | Documentary | 2013


Neil Katcher, David Nadelberg


A documentary about adults who share their most embarrassing childhood diaries, letters, poems and art… with total strangers. Transporting viewers back to a time of awkward firsts, the film captures the raw energy of live Mortified stage shows and examines what their popularity reveals about our relationship to adolescence and shame.


Niraj Bhatia, Eddie Gamarra, Anne Jensen, Neil Katcher, Alexander Koehne, Michael Mayer, Steven Melching, Frank Mele, David Nadelberg, Meyer Shwarzstein, Rachel Ward


Michael Mayer

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