Sibling rivalry returns to torment Jane, a young police officer, after her older sister Cass is released from the state hospital for the criminally insane and begins showing an increasing interest in getting back her daughter from Jane.

Sister's Nightmare, A

Drama | Thriller | 2013


Kelly Rutherford, Natasha Henstridge, Peyton List


Police officer JANE RYDER’S life goes into a tailspin when her sister CASSIDY is discharged from the state hospital for the criminally insane and unexpectedly shows up needing a place to stay. Jane told her teenage daughter EMILY that her sister was dead and she sugar-coated the truth for her live-in fiancé, PHIL. Sixteen years earlier, the lawyer defending Cassidy convinced the judge that his client was in a temporary post-partum psychosis when she murdered her husband and attempted to drown their baby. Afraid to reveal the whole sordid story to Emily and Phil, Jane allows Cassidy to stay with them but watches her like a hawk.

Constant sleepless nights and worry take their toll on Jane and she’s not on the ball at work. Cassidy’s captain orders her to go see the department psychiatrist. Jane confesses the truth to the shrink, her new partner RAY and Phil, but Cassidy plays nice, convincing them all she’s stable due to medication and sixteen years of therapy. Jane finally reveals her biggest fear – Cassidy is Emily’s real mother and she wants Emily back. .

To Jane’s dismay, Cassidy and Emily begin to connect. Emily has been having nightmares about drowning and Cassidy tells her that she can help her overcome this. She plans a camping trip for the two of them at a remote lake and buys bathing suits for the pair. Emily has no idea they’ll be camping near water. Meanwhile, Jane is forced to hand in her gun and badge and sent home on medical leave. When Emily insists on leaving with Cassidy, Jane realizes she’s the only person who can save her daughter.

Jane risks her career and steals Ray’s gun and police cruiser, to race after them. Emily’s relieved when Jane finds them, because she’s finally realized her aunt brought her to a secluded lake and plans to take her in the water. But things take a surprising turn when Jane confronts Cassidy…


Tina Pehme, Kim C. Roberts


Vic Sarin